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The water we drink meets all kinds of materials on its long journey from the groundwater table to your tap. These materials leave traces of lead, drug residues, organochlorines, pesticides and bacteria. Hydropure filtration is the most efficient and economical solution to eliminate these materials.

Our products

Hydropure offers a wide range of products allowing a really efficient and ecological water filtration. You will find filter jugs, filter-filters, shower-filters, reverse osmosis filters, all compatible refills in activated carbon… We pay particular attention to the quality and efficiency of all our products.

Our services

For more than 30 years our company has been involved in the research and development of efficient water filtration solutions. If you have any questions regarding our filters please do not hesitate to contact us. Our after-sales service is there to bring its expertise and know-how to help you.

Waterfilter Jugs
Improves the taste of tap water

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Filtration Pitcher

Improves the taste of tap water

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Sink filters

Easy to insntall and blocks out the nasties